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Spam Alert! Sep 16, 2006

If you've ended up here, chances are you received a spam email with a return address ending with Some spammers have decided to use email addresses ending with as their spoofed return address. Please note that I am not in the spamming business, I do not send unsolicited bulk emails, and that email you received promising a low-interest loan or a cheap price on some prescription drug did not come from here.

I get approximately 100 "returned email" spams a day, and have, for at almost 2 years. Bad for me, good for you. Spammers used to systematically send out lots of spam to randomly generated email addresses, then build lists of working addresses by discarding those which came back as undeliverable.

At some point they figured out that they didn't have to have all that returned spam filling up their own email accounts, and began "spoofing", or fraudelently falsifying the return address. Now they send out lots of spam, but poor suckers like me have to deal with, and pay for, bandwidth hogging returned emails.

So I'm sorry you're getting spammed, but rest assured it's not me.

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